The Society for Design Administration holds the CANstruction competition each fall to raise food and hunger awareness. The food drive is a design/build competition in which professional engineers and architects create a structure out of canned food to be donated to the Greater Boston Food Bank. Judging of the structures is based on structural ingenuity and aesthetic impressiveness. Additional information may be found at

2009 was our first year participating in CANstruction. Our sculpture, “Beantown Pineapple,” advanced to the national competition for the “healthiest meal” category. During the 2013 competition a group of 10 students from Chi Epsilon, their advisor and a few WJE associates came together and built two Dispicable Me minions out of 3,000+ non-perishable food cans. These cans were on display to the public at 290 Congress Street. After that, they were donated to local food banks. 

The theme for 2014, this year, is Pop Culture and the team has designed a structure of a hand holding an iPhone with a CANstruction App designed onto the face of the phone. Build day this year is October 11th and anyone is welcome to come support the team!

2013 CANstruction "Minions


2012 CANstruction "CANfootball"

In 2012 our "CANfootball" sculpture successfully donated 3,360 cans to the Greater Boston FoodBank. The structure includes a football on a tee in front of a field goal. We drew our inspiration from the simplicity of the shape and colors of a football and the challenge in structural stability.




Lead designers: Conor Murphy and Stephanie Burger

2011 CANstruction Tree Frog

In 2011 our group donated about 2,490 cans to the food bank while building our sculpture of the Costa Rican Red-Eyed Tree Frog, which was awarded Honorable Mention. 


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