Meet the E-Board

The Executive Board (or E-board for short) is the core of our organization. These members have committed themselves to creating legislation, programming events and promotional campaigns that best serve the club and its members, providing them with the chance to see and participate in ballroom dance’s many forms and varieties. It’s the sole purpose of the E-board to see our member’s ideas come to fruition and this organization grow better every year.


The 2011-2012 E-board


Taylor Sehein: Taylor is a senior here at Northeastern and joined the ballroom club after transferring her sophomore year. She is an Environmental Science major focusing on marine science and surficial processes. Ballroom dancing was first an interest in high school, which inspired her to join NUBDC in college. She has competed in six competitions and looks forward to many great seasons to come! This is her second year as part of the NUBDC E-Board, and her third year in the club.




Peter Tran: Peter is a junior chemical engineering major. He joined NUBDC his sophmore year and quickly became known for his high energy dance style. This is his first year on the E-Board for NUBDC. Peter very dedicated to Ballroom Club, but is also a part of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE). He is also known as Dr. Tran, he also likes cats.




Mackie McGill: Mackie is a sophmore studying biology with hopes of one day becoming a medical doctor. She joined NUBDC this fall after having an awesome time at the club’s Swing Night and Dance Camp events. Mackie is still relatively new to ballroom, but she has a background in ballet, and she really, really loves to dance. She is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and can speak some Japanese. 



  Akshat Goyal: Akshat is a middler studying Mechanical Engineering. This is his first year on E-board,
  and he joined the club at the beginning of his freshman year despite having no prior dance  
  experience. He has competed for two years, and is very eager to share his experiences and help
  newcomers prepare for competition. Akshat is arguably the nerdiest guy in ballrom dance, and often
  goes by Kumar, Doctor Octopus, Hotshot, or any other variation of his name that you can think of.



  TJ Porter: TJ is a sophomore Business major with a concentration in Supply Chain Management. He has
  been a member of ballroom dance since the first week of his freshman year and has greatly enjoyed
  his time with the club, especially competition and social events. Outside of ballroom, he enjoys
  reading, sports, and gaming. TJ is always happy to meet new people and is willing to answer any
  questions that anyone may have.


  Katie Fiallo: Katie is soon to be in her second year at Northeastern studying international affairs and    
  criminal justice. She’s covered all kinds of dancing from hip-hop to modern, but ballroom is definitely
  her favorite. Feel free to ask her anything about the club or competition!



Mckensie Collins: McKensie is a freshman studying Biology with a minor in Italian. She became involved with NUBDC in the fall after attending the Fall Dance Camp and has been an active member since.  She had no previous dance experience before coming to NU, but had been interested in Ballroom Dance since High School. She is very enthusiastic about the club and dancing and hopes to bring that enthusiasm to old and new members. McKensie is originally from Glastonbury, Connecticut.



Interested in running for a position?? Feel free to talk to an E-board member and learn more! Or, you can read everything a position entails in our bylaws.