Promoting Positive Body Image &

Awareness of Eating Disorders


NEWCOPE is a student-run organization at Northeastern University.

We offer a drop-in center, referrals, a website, and several social networking sites to accommodate anyone with concerns about themselves, a family member, or a friend.

We also run various outreach activities and events to spread awareness of eating disorders, body image, and media literacy.



NEWCOPE is here to respond to your concerns while respecting your privacy. We offer anonymous and confidential peer counseling.

When you contact NEWCOPE, you reach a staff of peer counselors who are trained to listen and provide resources based upon your needs. We won't ask your name, or reveal your name if you choose to share it. Nothing you say goes beyond NEWCOPE, unless your concern involves the threat of physical harm to yourself or someone else.

We maintain anonymity and confidentiality to ensure that your questions and concerns are always welcome.

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