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Servants Team

Servants Team is a group of Agape members who are dedicated to organizing and planning everything that goes on throughout the semester. For the 2016-2017 academic year, the President is Matthew Johnson and the Vice-President is Monica Vallejo.


Servants Team is grouped into three offices. The Agape Office is responsible for the weekly meetings that occur on Thursday nights. The Outreach Office organizes evangelism and outreach events. The Unity Team acts as a liaison between Agape and other Spiritual Life efforts on campus. In addition, some members of Servants Team are on the Media Team, which is responsible for all advertising, branding, and publicity for Agape. Members of these offices are as follows:

Thursday Night Office

Rob Mark, Shelby Goff and Julia Janigian

Outreach Office

Matthew Woolsey and Kerry Desmond

Unity Office

Annie Yuan and Matthew Johnson

Media Team

Monica Vallejo, Julia Janigian,

Open Servants Team

In addition to meeting on a weekly basis, Servants Team will be holding periodic meetings for the entire Agape community to attend. The next open servants team meeting will be on Monday, September 28 at 8pm. Email for the location (probably his living room).  Join us to be a part of brainstorming and planning!